Recently, Chongqing has set up relationship with more than 180 countries and regions, and established sound friendships with 17 foreign cities like Seattle. The U.K., Canada, Japan, Denmark and Cambodia all have set up consulates in Chongqing. Furthermore, it has cooperated with Hong Kong in economics and trade, and also works together with other cities in the southwest area, along the Yangtze River and the whole of China. Besides, Chongqing has been constructing Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone with Sichuan Province, with an aim to strengthen the collaboration with the coastal developed area.

Business investment has gained remarkable achievements . By the end of 2008, Chongqing has actually utilized 6,253 domestic investment projects, 20.3% up compared with the previous year, with a total amount of 84.284 billion yuan, up 96.0%. By August, 2009, there were 4,810 foreign-funded enterprises in Chongqing, with a total investment of 24.47 billion US dollars, among which 102 World Top 500 companies are included.

Foreign trade has seen considerable improvement. In 2008, the total export and import value reached 9.52 billion US dollars, 28% more than that in 2007. The export value amounted to 5.72 billion US dollars and imports to 3.8 billion US dollars, up 26.9% and 29.6% respectively.

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Editor:Liu Kan