Development Zone

Chongqing Development Zones

There are 2 state-level development zones in Chongqing, as well as 30 municipality-level ones and more than 140 ones at the county level or below.

Economy & Technology Development Zone

The total industrial output value of the New North Zone, Economy & Technology Development Zone, and Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2007 reached 100.6 billion yuan. This was an increase of 36.5% compared to the same period in the previous year. The value of high-tech products rose 68.6% to a total of 64.7 billion yuan, and the added value from industrial sources rose 32.7% to a total of 24.8 billion yuan. The industrial output value of the Economy & Technology Development Park and the Hi-tech Industrial Development Park in the New North Zone reached 47.1 billion yuan, an improvement of 62.2%. The gross domestic product (GDP) reached 14.2 billion yuan, 63.4% up from the previous year. Along with the rapid increase of the economic output value, the quality of economic development also maintained a stable and rapid increase: the tax revenue reached 5.7 billion yuan, increasing by 63%, and the retained budgetary financial revenue reached 5.5 billion yuan, increasing by 69.3% compared with the same period of the previous year.

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Editor:Zhang Yi