Development Zone

Chongqing Development Zones

The tax reduction and exemption allowed by the customs of the development zone was 68.37 million dollars in 2007, rising by 51.7% compared with the previous year. The factual abatement value was 61.3 million dollars, increasing by 62%; the reduced and exempted tariff was 32.44 million yuan, increasing by 21.9%; and the reduced and exempted value-added tax was 95.34 million yuan, increasing by 45.4%. The factual reduced and exempted tariff was 31.98 million yuan, increasing by 45.8%; the factual reduced and exempted value-added tax was 86.77 million yuan, increasing by 57%; 28 recorded projects together with 190 tax deduction and exemption certifications were handled, an annual increase of 40%.

In order to boost the economic development and investment environment of the central and western area, the Ministry of Central Finance carried out discount loan on some infrastructure projects of the state-level economy & technology development zones there from 2001 to 2010. Since 2001, the zone has received a total discount of 106 million yuan from the Ministry of Central Finance, which eased the financial pressure to some extent and effectively drove the infrastructure construction.

Many districts and counties of Chongqing aim to attract laptop supporting enterprises.

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