Shopping in Chongqing

Go shopping in Chongqing

Chongqing is a megalopolis with rich natural resources and numerous special local products. Since "Ba State", plenty of local famous commodities have been shaped and thus attributed an ideal shopping paradise to Chongqing.
Thanks to vast mountains, Chongqing boasts a large number of valued Chinese medicinal herbs, like rhizoma coptidis and gastrodiae of Shizhu, eucommia bark of Nanchuan, asiabell root of Wushan etc. For geological and climatic advantages, Chongqing enjoys a lot of famous fruits, like orange of Jiangjin, pear of Cangxi, grapefruit of Changshou, persimmon of Chengkou and so on, in which Dahongpao orange once was tribute to imperial court.
Chongqing is also one of the major production places of tea in China. "Chongqing Tuo Tea", "Cuiping Silver Needle Tea" and "Xi’nong Maojian Tea" etc. are all top grade products.
There are a lot of delicious and world-widely famous flavor foods in Chongqing, such as "Old Sichuan Dengying Beef", "Golden Horn Brand Spiced Beef", "Fuling Mustard", "Baoding Mustard Tine", "Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice" and "Hechuan Peach Slice" etc.
Folk craftworks of Chongqing are very popular. Shu embroidery along with Su, Xiang and Yue embroideries have been considered as the "Four Famous Chinese Embroideries" since the Southern Song Dynasty, while Rongchang folding fan has been sold abroad since the Qing Dynasty. In addition, various local art works have graced Chongqing, such as bamboo craftworks, Tujia brocades, Longshui small hardware and Three Gorges ink-slabs together with Qijiang farmers’ prints, Beibei glassware and Zhaofeng ceramics.

Jiefangbei CBD, Nanping CBD, Jiangbei CBD and Yangjiaping are ideal destinations for shopping in Chongqing.

Editor:Chen Qiaodi