Qianye Meadow

   Located at Shizhu County, Qianye Meadow is renowned as "Shangri-La" of Tujia national minority.

Qianye Meadow – Brief Introduction

Qianye Meadow located along the Fangdou Mountain Range of Shizhu County of Chongqing Municipality. It is 34 meters away from Xituo Ancient Town (established in Ming-Qing Dynasties) of Yangtze River port. There are other attractions such as Shibao Village, Fengdu Ghost City near by Qianye Meadow.

The average altitude of Qianye Meadow is 1300 meters with a wide and flat area. It covers a total coverage area of 6000 hectare. There are many scenery resources including 10 thousand mu of Clint, 10 thousand mu of Pyracantha, 10 thousand mu of Cryptomeria fortunei, 10 thousand mu of pasture. (1 mu ≈ 0.07 hectare). Qianye Meadow is characteristic of mountains, forests, grasslands, rocks and livestock. All of which shows the inartificial and magnificent natural scenery to human beings.

When tourists walk, or run in Qianye Meadow with the green world, you will enjoy the oriental amorous feelings.

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