Rail Transit

Metro Line 1


The Jiaochangkou to Shapingba section of Chongqing Metro Line 1, the first of its kind in the municipality, is put into trial operation on July 28. The whole trip only costs 25 minutes.

The first phase of the line 1 is composed of 14 stations, Chaotianmen, Xiaoshizi, Jiaochangkou, Qixinggang, Lianglukou, Eling, Daping, Shiyou Road, Xietaizi, Shiqiaopu, Gaomiaocun, Majiayan, Xiaolongkan and Shapingba.

Its design speed is 100km/h, while now 80km/h can be achieved. All trains of the line 1 are made in Chongqing. Each train is provided with 6 carriages, which can accommodate 1,880 passengers at most.

Chongqing Municipal Government released its ticket price scheme in July.

Two yuan will be charged for 0-6 km, 3 yuan for 6-11 km, 4 yuan for 11-17 km, 5 yuan for 17-24 km, 6 yuan for 24-32 km, 7 yuan for 32-41 km, 8 yuan for 41-51 km, 9 yuan for 51-63 km and 10 yuan for over 63 km.

Editor:Chen Qiaodi