Food Street

Food Street In Nanbin Road

Food Street in Nanbin Road is the highlight of Chongqing’s food streets. Located in the south bank of the Yangtze River, the Food Street in Nanbin Road gathers the delicious food from lots of parts in both domestic and abroad areas. The most famous food in the street is the series of hot pot, and the famous hot pot restaurants include many senior and nice restaurants: Taoran House (陶然居), ‘Grandma Bridge’ (外婆桥), ‘Following Wind 123’ (顺风123) and ‘Senior Courtyard’ (老院子). Besides restaurants offering Chinese food, cafés, teahouses and western-style restaurants are also available there. Diners can have a walk along the bank, and enjoy themselves in the public places of entertainment after their dining.

Chinese name: Nanbin Lu Meishi Jie /nan-bin lu: may-shee jyeh/

Address: Nanbin Road, Nan’an District

Editor:Zhang Yi