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A Brief Introduction to CQNEWS.NET

We launched Chongqing's first mobile newspaper sent by MMS which enjoys most users in the city. Is it fashionable enough to have the latest information on your mobile phone in both pictures and texts? Imagining what a scene will it be when 170 million people watch their phones at the same time, can you "hold" it?

Q: Wow! Since the mobile newspaper is so magical, what am I gonna do if I need more real-time consulting information?

A: It's easy. By surfing the 3G portal of Chongqing (3g.cqnews.net) through your mobile phone, a wonderful world will be waiting for you.

No matter what useful information you're searching for, lost & found or tax inquiries, 3G portal of Chongqing is always your best choice. Whenever you have time, maybe just 5 minutes before sleeping, or 10 minutes during break, even 30 minutes in traffic jam, you'll see : "Q:Hey, help! What's the fastest way to go to Jiefangbei from Nanshan? A: By rocket!". Our life will certainly be enriched by these topics.

You probably have ever played green online games, but do you know red microblog? Yes, it is already a fashion trend to follow each other on the microblog and are you still not a follower of our "Hualong weibo" on it?

If you have a craze on stock, or have a great interest on economics, the program, "Finance Online" is good for you to get valuable information by your TV, computer and mobile phone. If you are moving into a new house, or need an upgrade for your appliances, our "Lejiayi Mall" will provide you with professional and high-quality service. If you are a gourmet, hey! Check this out, so many delicious food! Wow, with discounts as well!

If you don't speak Chinese, no worries, just click www.cqnews.net, our channels in English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Spain can help.

We will answer you as long as you ask.

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Editor:Chen Qiaodi