Children's wishes for Er Shun

2013-03-21 16:11:38

Photo taken on February 12, 2013 shows children are drawing pictures in the panda pavilion in Chongqing Zoo, sending their good wishes to Er Shun, the panda to go overseas soon.

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Chongqing Zoo on February 12, 2013 embraced a number of children who brought gifs for Er Shun, the panda to go overseas soon.

Er Shun is a panda star in Chongqing Zoo. In late March, 2013, it will leave for Canada and stay there for ten years.

At 10 a.m. on February 12, more than 30 children gathered in front of the panda pavilion. They started drawing on an over-ten-meter long picture scroll with water-color brushes and wax crayons. This painting will be located together with Er Shun in its new home in Canada.

In addition to inviting children to paint here, Chongqing Zoo also arranged several activities to see Er Shun off during the Spring Festival in 2013. The activities included collecting wishes and messages for Er Shun on the big board outside the panda pavilion as well as taking pictures in the designated area near Ershun's dormitory.

Besides, citizens were able to apply to be "super fans of the panda". As long as people left their information like names and contact number, once chosen, they could come to the panda's living place and observe and play with Er Shun very closely.


Editor:Dai Liu