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Chongqing Natural Museum sees African animal specimens

Chongqing days ago embraced a batch of precious African animal specimens, which will be placed in the to-be-completed Chongqing Natural Museum in Beibei District.

The batch of specimens is 137 in total, including 44 African animals like African elephant, jaguar, hamadryas baboon. They are all donated by Kenneth E. Behring, a famous U.S. philanthropist.

It is reported that Mr. Behring promised to donate 237 wild animal specimens to Chongqing three years earlier, with 146 having found home in Chongqing Natural Museum.

These animal specimens are made of animals either normally dead or hunted legally, and are made in South Africa by first class masters worldwide. Their trip to Chongqing has taken around two months.

Editor:Liu Kan