Necessary documents for foreign investors

A、Foreign enterprises branch registration form (Registration form issued by Administration for industry and commerce, Director's signature and head office company stamp)

B、Official approval letter from the head office (affixed with a photocopy version with company stamp)

C、Originals of the letter of notification from the Administration for industry and commerce of the place where the head office resides

D、Head office Industry and Commerce operation license (photocopy version with head office company stamp)

E、State taxation and Land taxation registration certificate (photocopy version with company stamp)

F、Originals of the company's constitution from the Head office (with company stamp)

G、Originals of the head office credit documentation issued by the bank

H、The decisions of the company directors (Signature of the Directors)

I、Letter of appointment of the person in charge of the branch that is to be established (original of the letter of appointment with company stamp and signature of director(s); identification documents of the person in charge of the branch (identification documents or photocopy of passport), 3 photograph of the person in charge)

J、The head office of the foreign enterprise has to submit whether the branch to be set up in China is an independent entity, whether the branch possesses independent account documentation and whether the branch will establish an independent account. The above documents to be submitted have to be in their original form.

K、Documents to certify the usage of a particular address or place of operation: Originals of rental agreement or housing purchase contract and (photocopy of property rights certification)

L、Original of the letter of request for the registration of the branch to be carried out by Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Commission

M、With regard to other exclusive trade as indicated by regulations, the registration department may require other necessary documents


A translated version in Chinese is essential for any documents in a language other than Chinese.

Source: Chongqing Investment Promotion Association

Editor:Liu Kan