Diaoyu Fortress

Wall of Diaoyu Fortress

History is the best evidence. The Diaoyu Fortress Battle, which is world famous because of the smaller, weaker army overtaking the larger and stronger army, took place here.

In 1235, the war between the Song Dynasty and Mongolia broke out in full scale. It was the longest, largest labor-consuming, and the toughest war for Mongolia, a force that rose from the 13th century. The Diaoyu FortressBattle was one of the most influential battles during this war.

In 1257, Mongke Khan, who had been the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire for seven years, advanced his army, which had conquered Europe, Asia, and Africa on the west side, to launch a large-scale war against the Song Dynasty. Mongke Khan led the principal force of his army to attack Sichuan.

In February 1259, Mongke and his army came in front of the border of the Fishing Town. Achieving triumph in all his former battles, Mongke would never image that he had no chance to conquer the Fishing Town, a 2.5 square kilometers small city. In July of the same year, Mongke was attacked by a bombard and died soon after.

Mongke Khan’s failure had huge influences. American historian Leften Stavros Stavrianos pointed out in the "Global History" that: “after (Hulagu) conquering Allerton and Damascus in the same way, it seems that no force can stop the Mongols to attack Egypt and North Africa, so as to complete the conquest throughout the Muslim world ...... Mongke Khan’s death brought disruption of the united Mongolian ruling circles...... The failure of this army (Mongke’s army) saved the Islamic world, marking the beginning of the decline of the Mongol Empire.”

Editor:Chen Qiaodi