Diaoyu Fortress

Mongke’s death first claimed the complete collapse of Mongol Empire’s plan of destroying Song Dynasty, prolonging the life of Song Dynasty to 20 years longer. Secondly, Mongolian army's third-time west expedition was suspended because of this, alleviating the threat to Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions. Thirdly, Mongke’s death provided an opportunity for Kublai, the younger brother of Mongke to ascend to the throne, who played not just a very important role in the history of China, but in the history of the world.

The army and the people in Diaoyu Fortressstill persisted to fight for many years after Mongke’s death. Until 1279 (at this time the Yuan Dynasty had been established for 8 years by Kublai Khan), the Diaoyu Fortresssurrendered to the Yuan Dynasty on condition that no people in the Diaoyu Fortresswould be hurt. In the Mongolian invading process, all the resistant cities got massacred except the Fishing Town, protecting its people after 36 years of incessant warfare. 

During the 36 years from 1243 to 1279, the army and people of Diaoyu Fortressfought over 200 combats against the Mongolian army and the Yuan Dynasty army.

Editor:Chen Qiaodi