Diaoyu Fortress

The Diaoyu Fortress Battle was a defending miracle (36 years of defending) in the ancient and modern world war history. It claimed Mongke’s death and forced the Mongol Empire to withdraw from the Eurasian battlefield. Hence, the whole world highly praised this town for its contributions, such as prolonging the life of the Song Dynasty, alleviating the wars in Europe and Asian, and preventing the Mongolian expansion into Africa. The Europeans called the Mongolian army the "Scourge of God", and they named Diaoyu Fortressto be “God’s Folding Scourge Place” or the “Oriental Mecca.”

As a typical representative of the mountain city fortress defense system, the Diaoyu Fortressfully demonstrated its defensive role in the cold weapon era. Nowadays, there is a sandbox model of the ancient Diaoyu Fortressbattlefield exhibiting in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution, highlighting its important position in the history of Chinese ancient wars.

Today, Diaoyu Fortresshas become a world-famous tourist attraction. As one of the best preserved Chinese ancient battlefield sites, tourists can feel its “magnificent, rare, dangerous, beautiful, warfare, ancient and tranquil” features. It is the only scenic spot in Chongqing being honored with both the National Park of China and the National Key Cultural Unit. 

Editor:Chen Qiaodi