Diaoyu Fortress

Today, Diaoyu Fortress has become a world-famous tourist attraction. As one of the best preserved Chinese ancient battlefield sites, tourists can feel its “magnificent, rare, dangerous, beautiful, warfare, ancient and tranquil” features. It is the only scenic spot in Chongqing being honored with both the National Park of China and the National Key Cultural Unit.

The surrounding mountains have beautiful natural scenery, such as lush vegetation, ancient stone roads, three standing hills, crisscrossed paths, scattered ponds and dotted villages, making people relaxed and happy.

In the 2.5 square kilometer main scenic spot, tourists can see the military and living facilities relics of the Song and Yuan Dynasty, such as the city wall, gates, forts, navy pier, arms workshops, marshal mansion, barracks, Tianchi Pond and Naodingping Stage, as well as the religion sites including the Huguo Temple, the Zhongyi Hall, the Impending Reclining Buddha in Tang Dynasty, the Buddha Caves and the Three Sacred Rocks. The natural wonders including the 800-year-old laurel, the Thin Knife Ridge, the Three Turtles Stone and the Misty Rain of the Diaoyu Fortresscan also be seen.

Over the years, the local government consistently carried on the "double protection" policy regarding the natural ecology and cultural relics of the Fishing Town, maintaining its “authentic” style through many vicissitudes. Today, the Diaoyu Fortresshas been ranked the World Cultural Heritage Tentative List, and the local government is supporting its application for the World Cultural Heritage.

The thump of hooves was buried in history, but the sound of waves never stops. More and more people come from all over the world, climbing Fishing Town, overlooking the three rivers, and quietly listening to the miracle story of this town.


Editor:Chen Qiaodi