Diaoyu Fortress

The steep and magnificent Oriental Mecca - Diaoyu Fortress

In the city of West China - Chongqing stood a "miracle town", which once rewrote the whole history of the world, named Diaoyu Fortress.

Like many historical sites in China, the interesting name of “Diaoyu Fortress” was derived from an ancient legend: a long time ago, a number of flood victims ran towards the mountain to escape from the flood. Just when they were starving, a Titan came down from the heaven, sat on a boulder and went fishing to feed the victims. Hence, people named the mountain Fishing Mountain to commemorate the Titan. And the town built along the mountain was named Diaoyu Fortress.

Diaoyu Fortressis located on the top of the Fishing Mountain, in the east peninsula of Hechuan District, Chongqing. Three rivers (Jialing River, Fu River and Qv River) converge in Hechuan, forming a natural military advantage for Diaoyu Fortress- easy to defend, but hard to attack. Standing in the Diaoyu Fortress, viewing the three rivers converging into one, the feeling as you are surrounded by rivers from three sides, and the steep cliff on one side, you will clearly understand the reason why the place under your feet was of vital military importance.

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Editor:Chen Qiaodi