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Yuxin'ou Railway expects passenger transport

2013-09-09 15:59:46

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The news spokesman of Berlin City Hall in Germany said in an interview on September 6 that he looks forward to visiting Chongqing via Yuxin’ou Railway.

He introduced that it was the reunification of East and West Germany that resulted in a smooth logistics channel to the East, which had propelled the country’s high economic growth in the past 20 years.

And now, Yuxin’ou Railway has extended the channel to Chongqing, the only municipality in west China, which also serves as a bridgehead to connect east and south China, he added, believing that more cooperation between Berlin and China will be promoted in terms of economy, trade and culture.

More Germans, as a matter of fact, got to know China when logistics channels like Yuxin’ou Railway were built, he said.

By the time when passenger transport along the railway will have been put into service, he wishes to take a train to eat hot pot in Chongqing and also welcomes people from Chongqing to visit Berlin.

Editor:Zhang Yi

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