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Media tour along Yuxin'ou Railway reaches destination

2013-09-12 14:41:00

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The media group touring along Yuxin’ou Railway drove to their destination, the Port of Duisburg in Germany, also the terminal of the railway, on September 10.

It was already 42 days after the start of the tour which was reported to have passed through 6 countries and travelled 12,388 kilometers.

Duisburg City Hall held a grand ceremony to greet the group in the port where "made-in-Chongqing" products like laptops are transported from Chongqing and distributed to the major markets of Europe.

It is reportedly the biggest inland port in Germany and even in Europe as a whole by getting calls of over 20,000 vessels every year with an annual throughput of around 40 million tons.

The tour drawing widespread attention from China and nations along the way is hailed as a milestone in Chinese journalism as a result of the records it made, such as being an interview with the longest time span and distance, etc.

Praising the group members as messengers of trade and culture, Duisburg Mayor Sören Link said that Yuxin’ou international logistics channel has incomparable superiority in relation to sea and air transportation.

To boost train frequency and make the railway known to more people, coinciding with the purpose of this media tour, is the priority, he added.

Editor:Zhang Yi

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