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Yuxin'ou boosts Asian-European trade

2013-09-15 11:59:05

Photo shows workers are busy at a railway station in Duosituoke, Kazakhstan.

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Thirty-one media representatives from the Tour along Yuxin'ou (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) International Railway left for China from Germany's Frankfurt Airport on September 14, 2013, indicating that the Media Tour along Yuxin'ou Railway was successfully concluded.

This media tour, jointly organized by the Information Office of the State Council and Chongqing Municipal Government, kicked off in Chongqing on July 30. It aims at introducing Chongqing's urban image to foreign countries and displaying "made-in-China" and "made-in-Chongqing" to countries along the railway.

Yuxin'ou Railway was official put into operation in November 2011. It starts from Tuanjiecun of Chongqing, via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, and arrives in Duisburg of Germany. This international big channel, with various advantages, is entitled the "New Silk Road".

"The normalized operation of Yuxin'ou Railway contributes to the development of Duisburg," said Link, mayor of the city. Meanwhile, the vice president of Kazakhstan Railway Transportation Corporation said that Yuxin'ou has changed the structure of transport system in the country.

During this transnational media tour, a lot of companies and institutions showed their great interest in Yuxin'ou Railway and sought for cooperation.

"We should strive to improve the popularity of this big channel," said Shi Mingde, the Chinese Ambassador to Germany.

"Yuxin'ou Railway has greatly shortened the travel duration between Asia and Europe. Poland looks forward to exporting high-quality meat, mineral products and amber to China via Yuxin'ou," commented Tadeusz Chomicki, the Polish Ambassador in China.


Editor:Liu Kan