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"Yuxin'ou" boosts Chongqing economy

2013-10-16 09:54:08

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- In virtue of "Yuxin'ou" (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) International Freight Channel, Chongqing has actively established an international economic & trade cooperation platform. Not only has it become an active factor on the "Silk Road" economic belt, but also a new vitality has been injected in the development of Chongqing.

With a total length of 11,179km, "Yuxin'ou" Railway starts from Chongqing, and passes through Xinjiang, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland before it arrives in Duisburg of Germany.

Operated by multinational interests, "Yuxin'ou" International Train enjoys the priority of "customs clearance with one ticket" – mutual recognition of customs supervision, one declaration, one check and one clearance. Thus, transport time can be shortened by more than 10 days, which is of great significance for Chongqing, a city in the western inland area of China.

The river-ocean combined transportation takes between 40 to 50 days, but by way of Yuxin’ou, it takes just 20 days, doubling the logistics speed of transport and cargo.

Since operation began, Yuxin'ou has undertaken the transportation of 7,000 TEUs of goods. Products such as laptops, mechanical and electrical products and auto parts made in Chongqing can be sold to more European countries, thus further boosting the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing's economy. At the moment, the information industry has become the first pillar industry of Chongqing, with its proportion soaring from less than 1% to 20%. And the total output value of information industry has currently reached more than 300 billion yuan.

In addition, the successful operation of Yuxin'ou has provided new open thoughts to countries along this international channel. (Translated by Zhang Xi, Fathom Language Limited)

Editor:Liu Kan

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