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1st taxi guidebook debuts

2013-10-22 10:32:46

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- In order to make it convenient for those citizens to safeguard their legal rights, the first set of cartoon manuals for hailing a taxi has been issued in Chongqing recently. The manual includes what the taxi driver can is able to do under the law, and what is not against relevant laws. The manual also includes the do's and don'ts associated with safe travel in taxi's across the city.

This cartoon manual contains 12 groups of pictures, and each group is drawn according to the typical cases handled by the municipal traffic enforcement via their complaint hotline 96096.This manual will be printed and bound into volumes. Then they will be placed at taxi stops and in such places as train stations and airports for passengers to have a better understanding to reduce disputes between passengers and drivers. (Translated by Zhang Xi, Fathom Language Limited)

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Editor:Liu Kan

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