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Yuli Railway operates CRH trains

2013-12-13 11:15:06

Chongqing North Railway Station: Inbound CRH2A (CRH: China Railways High-speed) train in trial operation

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- Passengers from Chengdu arrived at Chongqing North Railway Station by the CRH2A train via Yuli (Chongqing-Lichuan) Railway on December 11th, 2013.

After five years of construction, Yuli Railway will be opened at the end of December. The two sets of CRH2A trains are presently undergoing the operation test for the high-speed railway from Chengdu to Chongqing via Suining. (Translated by Chen Siyan, Fathom Language Limited)

Editor:Liu Kan

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