Chongqing ensures smooth travel during Spring Festival

2014-01-17 16:44:53

The Spring Festival peak travel time of 2014 officially started on January 16. In order to guarantee safety during the travel rush, transportation authorities at all levels in Chongqing have unveiled various kinds of measures.

On the first day of the peak travel period, Longtousi Railway Station transported approximately 30,000 passengers. A total of 99 trains carrying more than 70,000 passengers departed from Chongqing on the same day.

As for civil aviation, Chongqing Airport is expected to handle 3.3 million passengers during the 40-day travel season. In order to meet the huge demand, the airport has allocated 1,800 flights to work overtime.

“During this year’s peak travel time, Chongqing is estimated to transport approximately 52 million passengers in total, up 5.2 percent year on year. We have made full preparations for the travel season,” said a senior official at Chongqing Transportation Commission. (CQNEWS) (Translated by Liu Kan)