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What a cute baby panda!

2014-01-26 09:29:53


January 23., 2014: A 5-month-old baby panda enjoying the sunshine on the lawn of Chongqing Zoo.

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) In the afternoon of January 23., 2014, a 5-month-old baby panda made its first public appearance. All tourists were happy to see this vivacious and chubby panda.

It was born on August 23., 2013. Its parents were Yaya, a 13-year-old female panda and Lingling, a male panda.

Although this was its first public appearance and many people were watching him, he now looked around, rolled on the ground and now sat in a daze. He’s so cute that many tourists can’t stop taking photos. (Translated by Li Li, Fathom Language Limited)

Editor:Zhang Yi