Transportation hub in SW China

Chongqing is the transportation junction of water, road and air in southwest China. Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is one of the ten largest civil airports in China.

Transport   >>

  • Take a train in Chongqing

    Chongqing is a major rail hub in south central China. There are three main railway lines crossing through the city.

  • Water Transportation

    The splendid Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock, a famous port of the Yangtze River, boasts luxurious vessels open to foreigners and large-scale traveling ships to connect the cities in the lower reaches.

  • Highway

    To complete the infrastructure construction of "2-ring expressway and 8-expressway" plan with expressways to all districts and counties and highways to all villages, and make "to whole Chongqing within 6 hours" plan come true.

  • Flight

    Chongqing owns flights directly to more than 40 large and medium-sized cities in China. Over 110 national and international lines have been opened. Furthermore, highways directly extend from the airport to the city proper.

City Transportation   >>

  • Ropeway, automatic staircas...

    The ropeway, automatic staircase and elevator are the features of Chongqing due to the geography and the special roads and streets of the mountain city.

  • Chongqing taxi

    The taxies of Chongqing are all yellow SUZUKI Lingyang car with the regular fare of 8 yuan for the first 3 kilometers.

  • Chongqing bus

    The main urban districts of Chongqing have about 6,000 buses at present. The prices range from 1 to 3 yuan.

  • Metro Line 1

    The Jiaochangkou to Shapingba section of Chongqing Metro Line 1, the first of its kind in the municipality is put into trial operation.

  • Light Rail Line 2

    The 19-km long Chongqing light rail line 2 had been finished in 2005. It runs between Jiaochangkou of Yuzhong District and Chongqing Zoo of Jiulongpo District.

  • Light Rail Line 3

    Chongqing Light Rial Line 3 line runs through several districts such as Nan'an, Jiangbei and Yubei.