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A Brief Introduction to CQNEWS.NET

We are now focusing on building a global procurement platform named "seeking roots", where you can enjoy perfect consulting service, effective trading service and butler service.

We are also participating in the construction of the biggest domestic cloud computing industrial park, in which you can experience reliable, safe and effective cloud computing service to help data processing.

In addition, we provide the first domestic real landscape three-dimensional urban system and geological information system, the professional basic data service platform.

We are dedicated to our work and strive to provide fast and convenient consulting service.

Wherever you are, on the bus, at home or on a square, you can find CQNEWS and feel its charisma.

Perhaps, you happen to see many people around you just like logging on www.cqnews.net in their leisure time.

You will fall in love with Chongqing as you spend more time on communicating with CQNEWS.

According to Alexa, the leading provider of free, global web metrics, CQNEWS ranks 2500th globally and gets into the top 200 in China, with 1.2 million IP hits and about 10 million clicks on the website daily.

With people's attention and support, CQNEWS wins the top in west China and the most popular website in Chongqing.

Next, CQNEWS aims at becoming the third biggest local media group as well as one of the top 10 news websites in China.

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Editor:Chen Qiaodi