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    Shapingba District between the Yangtze River and the Jialing River is situated in the west of Chongqing. It is time-honored with a history of over 3,000 years. The 396-square-kilometer district is also a home to one million people in 24 streets and towns. Furthermore, it’s prosperous with rich historical and cultural heritage.

    Shapingba District is famous for its excellent educational, technical and cultural environments in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It boasts 19 colleges and universities, 65 research institutes and 80,000 employees in such fields. The 33-square-kilometer Chongqing University Town in the district as one of the largest among its kind in China is being a talent and intellectual highland for the opening-up of Chongqing.

    Transportation lines to and from Shapingba District have been well-developed to be the vital arteries for passenger flows, logistics and communication in southwest China.

    As the starting point of Yuxin’ou Railway, the district boasts the largest railway marshaling station in southwest China and a national secondary railway station. In addition, the Chongqing Center of China Railway Container Network is also located there.

    Highways like Chengyu (Chengdu-Chongqing), Yuchang (Chongqing-Changshou), Yusui (Chongqing – Suining), Shangjie and Raocheng are running through the district. And the time taken from Shapingba to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport by taking the Rail Transit Line 1 is only half an hour.

    Shapingba District with a solid industrial foundation boasts 235 industrial enterprises above designated size, including 50 large and medium-sized enterprises like Lifan Group, DFSK and Cummings, etc. The total number comes third in the city.

    Its industry comprised of 26 main categories and 79 subcategories covers a complete range with development platforms like the Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Complex, the Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the supplementary area of the Taiwan-funded Information Industrial Complex, the West Modern Logistics Complex, the Shapingba Industrial Complex and the Science Complex of Chongqing University.

    As an important material distribution center and a commercial district of Chongqing, Shapingba has a flourishing tertiary industry and enormous market potential.

    Well-known retailers including Chongqing Department Store, New Century Department Store, Singaporean Capital Shopping Mall, Beijing Wangfujing and Gome Electrical Appliances are assembled in its 660,000-square-meter mature business circle.

    The pedestrian street and Three Gorges Square in the circle were respectively titled as one of China's major ten characteristic commercial streets and the "National Characteristic Cultural Square".

    The district with abundant tourism resources synthesized diverse cultures and presented tourist brands that feature the Gele Mountains, Ciqikou Ancient Town, leisure shopping and hot spring, etc.

    Ciqikou Ancient Town is the "Famed Historical and Cultural Street of China"; the Gele Mountains National Forest Park known as the "Emerald of Chongqing" is the national AAAA level scenic spot; Ronghui Hot Spring is the chief urban eco-SPA in Asia; and Martyrs' Cemetery on Mount Gele is one of the ten national red tourist attractions.