Investment Attraction of Shapingba


    Shapingba District Government is vigorously engaged in attracting investment and boosting projects.


    In 2012, the district boasted 159 enterprises with outstanding performance in imports and exports. It utilized 1.37 billion dollars of foreign capital and 26.93 billion yuan of domestic capital. Furthermore, the total volume of its imports and exports reached 18.98 billion dollars, constituting 38% of Chongqing's total.


    Its outward economic development mode was converted inwards by promoting some major projects in relation to the construction of Chongqing University Town, the Xiyong Microelectronics Industrial Complex and the Chongqing West Modern Logistics Complex, etc. and administering the policy of "structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and spatial transference".


    Relying on the Xiyong Microelectronics Industrial Complex and the Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Area, the district formed its electronic information industrial chain through introducing into well-known IT enterprises like HP, Foxconn and Quanta, etc.


    And the advances of modern manufacturing industry, fueled by massive high-quality projects of Boda Automotive Electronics, Huayang Electrical Equipment, Dongfang Cable, and Jinhua Appliances, etc., extended the district's traditional industrial enterprises to the upper end of the value chain.


    Having promoted business trade, modern service industry and service outsourcing, the district upgraded its traditional industries and commercial forms, which led to a better economy in both quality and efficiency. After constantly sharpening the competitive edge to develop economy, fulfill potential and maintain comprehensive benefits, the district is currently able to play a supporting role in building Chongqing as the inland opening highland of China.


    Dependent on the platform of the Chongqing West Modern Logistics Complex, Shapingba District is boosting the cluster development of modern logistics industry. Accompanied by the introduction of projects associated with CIMC Logistics, Gongyun Western Logistics and Suning, etc., the core area of the Complex has been accomplished to function as a logistics channel and spur modern logistics industries, such as multimodal transport, modern warehousing and freight express, etc.


    The business circles, trade markets and commercial premises in the district are stimulated by some extraordinary property projects as well, involved with Taiwan Xuyang Properties, R&F Properties and Longfor Properties, etc., which transformed and escalated the traditional business forms.


    What's more, packaging and planning projects in terms of Geleshan pension industry and Ronghui Hot Spring Town, etc. created more benefits for the district's tourism industry, which consists of revolution-featured and urban tourist lines, etc.


    Shapingba District has always been consistent with the mechanism of collaborating major projects with Chongqing Municipality together, which propels its resource advantages to become competitive advantages amid progression by means of cooperation, market guidance and policy incentive.


    While employed in promoting projects and stabilizing rapid economic development, the district also devotes itself to improving employment, education, culture, science & technology, environmental protection and social security, etc. It underlines the integration of urban and rural areas when enhancing city construction. Furthermore, it doesn't lose sight to traditional industries whilst fostering emerging industries like electronic information, so as to make for a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development.


    According to the schemes made by Shapingba District to map out the layouts of urban functions and industrial development space, 25 projects were selected to attract investment, including 10 for land transfer, 8 for commerce circulation, 3 for urban redevelopment, 3 for agriculture & tourism and 1 for software service.

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