Shapingba Culture, Education and Healthcare



Chongqing Library

    With the heavy cultural foundation, abundant educational resources and high-quality medical conditions, Shapingba District is honored as Chongqing's scientific, educational and cultural center.

    Shapingba is listed in the first batch of national advanced cultural districts. It has invested heavily into public cultural service system, with the establishment of a three-level cultural service system including fixed facilities, mobile facilities and digital culture demonstration.

    Various public cultural infrastructures such as libraries, museums, archives, cinemas, cultural centers, theaters, book stores, rural reading rooms, community reading rooms, cultural squares, etc. have been set up across the district, meeting local residents’ demand for cultural resources.

    Moreover, at least 60 large-scale cultural activities are organized in Shapingba every year, while no less than 600 cultural activities are held in sub-districts and towns per year.

    Statistics showed that 66 cultural and artistic works created in Shapingba have won state-level prizes, including 1 special prize, 35 first prizes, 19 second prizes and 11 third prizes.

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