Travel in Shapingba

    With abundant tourism resources, Shapingba District has established a lot of tourism projects such as the Gele Mountains, Ciqikou Ancient Town, eco-friendly tour in rural areas, etc., marking the unique charm of Shapingba.

    There are several well-know scenic spots in this district including the "red tourism" sites, Ciqikou Ancient Town, also known as the "miniature of old Chongqing", the Gele Mountains, Chongqing Ronghui International Hot Spring Resort, etc.


Ciqikou Ancient Town: miniature of old Chongqing

A lion dance attracts a lot of visitors in Ciqikou Ancient Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing

Visitors are enjoying a Sichuan Opera performance in Ciqikou Ancient Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing.

    Ciqikou Ancient Town, with a history of over 1,000 years, was an important dock for Chongqing's trading in the ancient times.

    With rich Bayu folk culture, religious culture, Shapingba culture and Hongyan revolutionary culture, this ancient town boasts old docks, stone paths, Sichuan opera show, delicious snacks, etc.

    As an important historical site under the state protection, Ciqikou Ancient Town was appraised as "Chinese Historical Cultural Famous Street" in 2010 and "One of Chongqing's New Twelve Scenic Spots" in 2012. And its folk cultural food street was entitled as "Chinese Food Street". In 2012, Ciqikou Ancient Town was listed in the plan of "Chongqing's must-go destinations".


Geleshan National Forest Park: Chongqing's top natural oxygen bar

Geleshan National Forest Park

The osmanthus flower field in Gele Mountains, Shapingba District, Chongqing


    The Gele Mountains is famous for the Yu the Great in ancient China. It is honored as the "Emerald of Chongqing"and the "Lung of Chongqing".

    There are amazing mountains, water, forests, springs, caves, clouds and fog in the Gele Mountains. Besides, natural wonders such as Mati Well, Longquan Well, Clever Spring, Ba Cultural Sculpture Corridor, etc. attract many visitors at home and abroad.

    Southwest China's largest outdoor rock climbing field is settled in the Gele Mountains.Various kinds of sports and leisure activities like alpine descent, ranking the No.1 nationwide in height difference, kart driving, cross-country bicycle riding, counter-strike game, bumper car, etc. will offer you a special experience.


Ronghui International Hot Spring Resort: eco-friendly destination in urban Chongqing

Ronghui International Hot Spring Resort

Ronghui International Hot Spring Resort


    Chongqing has claimed the title of "Hot Spring Capital in the World" in 2012. As an essential window of Chongqing’s hot spring tourism, Chongqing Ronghui International Hot Spring Resort covers a total area of over 12,000 mu.

    This hot spring resort, consisting of a five-star hot spring hotel, SPA rooms, hot spring towns, top-grade hot spring villas, pedestrian streets, etc., is a urban tourism complex providing healthcare, accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping, etc. for visitors.

    Ronghui has made a package of innovations via the integration of Chinese hot springs, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), German SPA, European and American SPA, and Japanese hot springs.