GNHD Final closes

2013-11-05 13:33:26

November 3rd, 2013: Contestant finalists are interviewed before they can take part in the activity – The South Africa Tour of GNHD Chongqing Contestants in 2013.

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The last link of the 2nd Global Natural History Day (GNHD) final – “Kenneth Behring Journey of Exploration” member selection was completed on November 3rd, and 13 contestants from Chongqing will travel to the South African savannah during the 2014 Spring Festival.

The 36 members of the exploration journey were selected from 6 domestic regions and the international teams from regions such as Hawaii, with one third of them being from Chongqing.

Chongqing will be the host city of the next GNHD final in July 2014, and the theme of which was published on the afternoon of November 3rd: “Survival of the fittest: strain, constancy and sustainable development.” (Translated by Chen Siyan, Fathom Language Limited)

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Editor:Zhang Yi