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Map of Guilds in Chongqing springs

2013-11-29 09:05:52

A hand printing of Huguang Guild full view

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The first Map of Guilds in Chongqing was jointly issued by Chongqing Geographic Information Center and Chongqing Geographic Map Bookstore on November 27th, 2013. It introduces 67 guilds which are located in Chongqing and still in operation. Citizens with interest can visit.

Historical records show that there are nearly 1,000 guilds in Chongqing which are located in counties, towns and wharfs. Among of them, over 100 guilds are still in existence and 67 guilds are still in operation. Guilds in Chongqing are built by immigrants from more than 10 provinces. The numbers of guilds built by immigrants from Hubei and Hunan provinces are the most numerous.

Amongst the guilds still in existence, the oldest is Longevity Palace in Zhongba Village, Mudong Town, Ba’nan District. It is built by Jiangxi immigrants in the middle and late Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 – AD 1644). Most of the guilds were built in the Qing Dynasty (the last Chinese feudal dynasty), among which Huguang Guild, located at the side of Dongshuimen (the East Gate of ancient Chongqing built in the Ming Dynasty), Yuzhong District, is the largest and best kept, and is a listed national historic site. (Translated by Li Li, Fathom Language Limited)

Editor:Zhang Yi