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Tianyou Dairy to be listed overseas

2014-01-26 09:29:59

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) Tianyou Diary (under Chongqing Agricultural Investment Group) plans to be listed overseas within three years, and to rank in the Top 5 diary enterprises in China. Its newly scheduled strategies are to collaborate with an Israeli company and integrate more than 80 pastures, both medium and small scale in China, and also to acquire a European company.

In the future 3-5 years, Tianyou will increase its breeding scale by over 100,000 dairy cows. Until 2015, the Agricultural Investment Group will keep more than 70,000 dairy cows, to lay a foundation for Tianyou to expand to the market of infant formula milk powder.

Tianyou is presently negotiating with a European company, planning to acquire it by holding its right of management, so as to have access to the local superior quality milk source. Via the Yuxin’ou (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) International Railway, Tianyo is to transport the high quality milk from Europe to Chongqing, which will be sold at a reasonable price.

Editor:Zhang Yi