A trip to three continents
Introduction to Chongqing
A trip to three continents
Yue Hongmin comes from Shandong Zibo. He is 26 years old and was an art teacher in Chongqing for five years following his graduation from high school.
Chongqing belle volunteers in Africa
Li Li, a senior student of the College of Applied Foreign Languages of the SISU, decided to be a volunteer teacher in Mauritius of Africa for one year this January.
· China UnionPay issues 1st credit card in Africa
· Chongqing private firms to invest in Ethiopia
· China, Ethiopia pledge closer cooperation
Nie Haotie's 165-day trip
Nie Haotie, a native of Chongqing, in 2012 spent only 40,000 yuan visiting 11 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Nie has experienced a lot during the 165-day trip.
Volunteers advocate wildlife protection
A public benefit activity was initiated and launched by a group of environmental volunteers from all across China in Chongqing on June 19, so as to advocate the protection of wild animals in Africa.
· "China Tourism Day" held in Chongqing
· Chongqing cashes in on tourism during holiday
· Chongqing to initiate 26 tourism projects
· How to set up foreign-funded projects in Chongqing
· Necessary documents for foreign investors
· Foreign Investment Enterprises Registration Flow Chart
· Chongqing enterprises invest in Ethiopia
· Lifan's new plant put into production in Ethiopia
· Europe benefits from Chinese investment in Africa
· China seeks to bolster cultural bond with Africa
· Foreign students make dumplings with locals
· GNHD Final closes
Mpumalanga   Aswan   Gauteng
Addis Ababa   Gaborone   Harare
Dar es Salaam   Narok   Victoria Falls   Lagos   Marrakech  
· Senior CPC official, Namibian president meet on ties
· Chongqing and South Africa widen cooperation
· ANC delegation visits Chongqing
· Tips for establishment of enterprises in Chongqing
· How to set up foreign investment projects in Chongqing
· Necessary documents for foreign investors
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