China on February 9, 2013 agreed to loan two of the country's precious giant pandas to Canadian zoos for a 10-year research program. The panda pair, both around five years old, will stay in the Toronto and Calgary zoos for five years each after they arrive in Canada early next year, according to the agreement.
      The female panda, named "Er Shun," is from a zoo in Chongqing and the female - "Ji Li" lives in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, home of over 100 pandas in the neighboring Sichuan Province.
Chongqing panda lands in Toronto
2013-03-26 14:12:10
Deemed as "symbols of peace and friendship" by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a pair of giant pandas were treated like royalties as they touched down in the Canadian city of Toronto on Monday.
Er Shun to enjoy new life in Canada
2013-03-21 16:14:54
As a major part of a Sino-Canadian joint research program, Er Shun, a female panda from Chongqing Zoo will fly to Canada in late March, and live in the Toronto Zoo and the Calgary Zoo for 10 years, according to Chongqing Zoo on February 25, 2013.
Children's wishes for Er Shun
2013-03-21 15:56:08
Chongqing Zoo on February 12, 2013 embraced a number of children who brought gifs for Er Shun, the panda to go overseas soon.
Chongqing Zoo sees "Er Shun" off
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China to loan two pandas to Canada
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Children's wishes for Er Shun
Er Shun to enjoy new life in Canada